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tahseel Mission: To provide 'world class debt collection services' in order to recover our clients' bad debts before it reaches the write-off stage; achieving the highest recovery rate through amicable solutions with minimum hassle and comparatively low costs, and preserving our clients’ goodwill and our own reputation in the collection industry. We are committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity, while preserving absolute confidentiality. tahseel Vision: to be recognised as the most reliable debt collection company in the market for all types of collection services, with special attention towards the banking and financing sectors.

  History and operations

With its brief history of less than 40 years, debt collection in the UAE was strictly limited to legal firms until we established ourselves as a specialised business. With our dedicated focus, the introduction of unique standards, and through the merits of our qualified professionals, we rapidly emerged as a leader in the UAE's debt collection industry, and a torchbearer for the Middle East region.

Once a registered client has provided us with information on the debt, including supporting documents, the claim is reviewed and the data is electronically registered in our program, covering all stages and strategies of the collection process.

Our communication with debtors and clients include faxes, letters, emails, phone calls, SMS messages and field visits, and we make every effort to arrange payment amicably. In the process, we actively try to resolve any or all disputes and obtain clear commitments on resolution. If a debtor fail to cooperate in resolving the debt, or if the issue cannot be settled through conventional collection methods, we also engage in pre-legal and legal action towards full and final recovery.

With a current collection rate that is ranked among the highest in the industry, we continue to serve a wide range of clients in diverse fields of industry, commerce and business, especially those in the banking and finance sectors, to whom our services remain invaluable.
  IT and support

tahseel in-house IT department does much to boost our leadership within the industry. Backed by the latest software and infrastructure, and aided by a team of professionals who constantly review and update developments, it provides us with maximum operational power, compatibility, and security.  

tahseel Collection Call Centre uses state-of-the-art collection software that covers the debt collection process through its entire lifecycle - from early to mid and late stages. This includes a vital online service for our clients who require immediate access to the updated information about their cases. Our branches in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are linked with this system at high speed connectivity.

Apart from instant visibility of follow-up actions, it also enables instant two-way communication regarding various accounts. Equipped with a full-fledged Document Management System (DMS), the software also generates legal notices and emails to debtors, while the Reminder Alert System (RAS) schedules tasks, calls, meetings and various MIS reports. Furthermore, the system is programmed to ensure timely follow-up on payment arrangements and priority accounts, and effective management of payments.
  Client communication

Our clients are kept informed and updated about the status of their specific case at all times.
As a fully accredited collection agency, we provide several approaches to the collection and recovery of delinquent debt. The collection alternatives offered are designed to meet the needs of different types of clients at different stages of collection.

We cater to a wide range of clients that include individuals, banks, financial institutions, and corporate businesses - in industries that include oil and gas, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and service. Our services are contracted both by multinationals who prefer to outsource their debt recovery to experts as well as small family-run local organisations with little or limited access to legal assistance.

In the last few years, we have built ourselves an unchallenged reputation in the debt collection industry, through consistent delivery of excellent service and performance. Most of our longstanding clients reward us with letters and certificates commending our meritorious performance, and for exceeding their expectations.
  Legal Special Handling

tahseel Legal Special Handling team can handle difficult and stubborn debtors by deploying legal actions that help in a timely settlement of dues. This team is well versed in all laws pertaining to commercial cases and debt collection, both in the UAE and in the home countries of debtors.

When a case is being resolved outside of the UAE, final settlement is achieved through our network of overseas lawyers who assist us in executing court judgments in most foreign countries. 

For domestic services, the Legal Special Handling team files police cases across all seven emirates, and follow up their progress to provide quick and efficient solutions.  They are supported by Field Agents who conduct field visit and personally negotiate the settlement of dues with these debtors.

We also provide legal advice to debtors outside the country who would like to return to the UAE, and guide them to the most effective ways to settle their debts and receive settlement notice from their creditors.

tahseel Legal Special Handling team is supported by our sister company Omar Saif Ghobash Advocates and Legal Consultants. With its team of well qualified attorneys and legal experts, they study the feasibility of any legal action as a last resort, and provide effective legal support where necessary.
  Skip Tracing

People who get into debt are likely to avoid payment, which may often mean changing their address, moving out of the country, and/or making other efforts not to be found.

tahseel undertakes and executes Skip Tracing operations as & when deemed appropriate, when the task is to locate debtors who have moved out of the country, or whose whereabouts are unknown.

We understand that laws vary across different countries, and a debtor who has moved overseas may not be subjected to the same obligations as in the UAE. In these cases, our competence in international debt recovery is marked by our strong partnerships with several global collection agencies and law firms. These agencies are among the most respected in the world, and their services are directly reported to us, which means you will continue to receive the same care, timeliness, attention and unparalleled results.

In the UAE, we also have Field Agents located across the seven emirates, who add a professional touch to the process of recovering debts.

Dependant on the circumstances, our teams can locate most of the Skip Tracing cases and enable amicable settlement.
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